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These are the ten topics that we use to source and present information:



Your financial assets, management of your money and investments, your future needs and earning potential, Financial Services options and your spending behaviour.

Business Support

What you may need to run your small business – Information Technology, Marketing, Finance and Financial Services, logistics, staffing, business continuity.

Continuous Learning

Identifying your current and future skills requirements, researching new options, remaining relevant, maintaining and exercising your brain, personal growth.

Science & Technology

Understanding how science and technology may impact your future and how to take advantage of any new innovations, learning new technology, upskilling, being open to change.

Strategy & Stakeholders

What plans have you made for your personal future, which entities and individuals does it involve and what might impact your future working life, career and lifestyle.


Sharing National and International aspects supporting the other Fifty Plus South Africa topics, focusing on your proactive and healthy future, respected sources.

Personal Health

Physical, Mental and Spiritual health – Financial, Medical and Technological impacts focused on maintaining your quality of life.

Social & Recreation

Family, Friends, Romance, Fun and Sports events, Hobbies, Travel, Pets, Volunteering and Community involvement, Networking, Social Media.

Home Support

What you may need to maintain the value of your assets, to remain independent and to understand what may be available to support your daily quality of life.

Physical Location

Current and future options for where you choose to live and work, commuting, travelling, social and medical support, security and safety, infrastructure, National and Local government, learning institutions, pollution, weather and Climate Change.

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