About Us

What is Fifty Plus South Africa about?

Fifty Plus South Africa is an Information and communication hub. It uses Social Media and this web site to provide information around ten topics to members. We connect, collaborate and communicate within South Africa and our Communities.

Why was it started?

From research completed as far back as 2014, it appeared that there was a limited approach in South Africa to consider our longevity holistically, we felt that an entity that could provide input for members around a range of topics would be of value.

When did it start?

In January 2017 a research report around this concept was discussed with some valued colleagues in the Hartbeesport area. Our thanks to Lynda Smith of Refirement Network for her support with the first phase of Fifty Plus which led to our first Community venture – Fifty Plus Harties. There is a web site, a private Facebook group and a Facebook page.
During the latter part of 2018, a technical paper around Longevity Risk and Opportunity was completed for the Institute of Risk management South Africa (IRMSA) and further thought around a South African entity was considered. Fifty Plus South Africa started in May 2019 with a Facebook page and more recently this web site.

Where is the focus?

Although the “Fifty Plus” title relates to those aged 50 and over and we are focused on South Africa, we do provide some relevant international information. Some posts may be of interest to younger people and we hope you will share with them where relevant.

How does it work?

We research issues relevant to our purpose within the ten topics we have developed and we share the information with you through Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in and this web site. It is your choice whether you follow through with any topic or item you find of interest.

Who is involved?

The concept was designed by Kay Darbourn and the entity is managed by Kay. Of course without members reading and commenting on the posts and other experts providing input and information we would be rather limited in our scope so we acknowledge everyone who supports healthy and proactive ageing and we appreciate the opportunity to share information.

Does it cost anything?

Apart from your time reading the information, there is no cost involved. Hopefully we will be able to give you tips on how to save and manage your purchases and maximse your options as we progress. If you choose to buy something we highlight that’s your choice and we can not accept any responsibility.

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